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Chats with Elena Canty I Episode 2

March 12, 2021 Good Day Cork Season 1 Episode 2
Good Day Cork's Podcast
Chats with Elena Canty I Episode 2
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This is epiosde 2 of 'Chats with Elena Canty' - a four part podcast series brought to you by Irish Wheelchair Association- Ability Programme & co-sponsored by Equal Ireland

In this part we do a rapid fire round where we discover Elena's commitment, passion & joy for life. Elena is taking questions for the finale of this #podcast.  Don't be shy... Tweet us @GoodDay_Cork or email us

About Elena Canty:

Elena is a Communications Executive at Event Plan and VE Studio Cork. She is responsible for PR, Digital Marketing and Communications activities. Elena is a graduate of Cork Institute of Technology (CIT) where she obtained a Master of Arts in Public Relations with New Media, and a Bachelor of Business (Honours) in Business Administration. Elena has experience in event management, public relations, social media management, and digital marketing. In her spare time, Elena enjoys socialising with friends, going on shopping sprees and dining in style. 

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Hi, you're listening to chats with Elena Canty a four-part podcast series
brought to you by the Irish Wheelchair Association - Ability Programme
and co-sponsored by EQUAL Ireland.
Every episode in this series, is an opportunity to get to know Elena Canty.
Elena’s personal experiences
help us be who we can be.

Hi Elena! Hello! We’re back with more chats
and conversations with Elena Canty.
And today we're going to have
almost like a rapid fire round. Grand!
So Elena, I hope you're well. Are you well?

I'm good.
I'm good. Great. I'm feeling well,
and I'm above-ground. So happy days!

Such a wonderfully Irish thing to say:
‘I'm above ground.’
Okay, Elena,  I'm going straight into it. Alright,
- if you were Mayor, you would?

I would focus on making accessibility and equality exist in our societies for all.
Would you consider contesting in local elections someday?
Oh, I don't know  - if it was more in a humanised form
I think everything is about popularity.
And in terms of what where were the funds
going to. I think if it was made more humanized
and people actually did what they actually say maybe
eventually that would be a nice thing to embark on but
no, I don't think in a real-world situation.
I don't think I would ever run
for election because it's just not possible
and the way things are managed right now and in politics,
It wouldn't be something I would be interested in
until it was turned into a human for human interest.

You're leading us in different ways, anyway - so.
Thank you.

Tell me who do you admire
and what do you want to say to them?

There's so many people I admire but
maybe the most current person that I admire
would be this young boy from County Cork called Adam King.
He rose to stardom for being an awesome person
last November on The Late Late Toy Show
and I think I just admire him
because of his love for people and
for such a young person for such a young child
he has this ability to love people
in a way that I've never seen a child love others
in a genuine way. His campaign -
The virtual hug - is just it brings joy to my heart every day
that I see a post from his social media accounts:
‘Adventures with a difference’ - Go follow.
I just think we need that sense of joy
and positivity in our lives right now right now more than ever,
but obviously going forward, this is the type of
life lesson that we should all hold onto
and to have the love for people and joyful life.

He is something else. Alright, isn't he?
He is  - he definitely has something so wonderful about him.

Yeah, absolutely.

Tell me about a time when you felt restricted.
Oh goodness. There were so many times.
I suppose because I use a wheelchair to get around
and I would find accessibility in everywhere anywhere and everywhere a challenge.
Any time that there was steps up to a building
or there was no lift upstairs to inside a building or if the toilet wasn't accessible.
These were the times that I felt restricted,
but I tend to learn from these lessons.
Unfortunately, it's just how I navigate life now.
I don't go to certain places now so that I can avoid these restrictions,
but every year I learn of a new place I suppose but you know
any time that I felt restricted I would have had to just you know,
leave that particular situation and because
there was nothing I could do in that moment.
But that is just the reality of somebody who uses a wheelchair to get around.

For me as a person who doesn't use a wheelchair,
I feel that transcends to any situation in life.
If it doesn't serve you just get out of there.
Don't go there - you will find something else.

I should make bumper stickers
for that and put them everywhere for everybody to.

Is it okay to ask you also to tell me
about a time where you felt restricted in your mind?
Oh, yeah. Yeah, I guess mental health is so important even now more than ever.
So I suppose sometimes you might just kind of
have it in your head that you can't do something,
but I think surrounding yourself with
people who believe in you like my
mom and dad for always encouraging me,
but for whatever reason sometimes my mind might think oh,
no that can't be done and that's not possible.
But then with the encouragement around
me you kind of shift that mindset.
I suppose maybe the most recent thing was you know,
I needed to get a new wheelchair and for some reason,
I had it in my mind that I just couldn't get this new wheelchair.
I just had it in my mind that this was not going to be possible.
I had to just change my mindset
and well then eventually my mind did not restrict me
and I achieved that goal, thankfully.
Your mind is a powerful thing.
Because it can be the difference between achieving something
and restricting your life as well.

You have no idea how inspiring that is for me to hear. I am glad.
The mind is a super tool indeed.
I also want to ask about a time when you felt free.

Oh my I think my most freest moments
when I felt most happiest
and most free was any time that I was on the dance floor with
awesome music at a party just giving it socks
while dancing like crazy with awesome people around me.
This is when I feel most free - you just get lost in the music
and you have so much fun with your family and friends.
I think this is kind of a moment of freedom in my head.

I love that. You know what I feel free as well when I'm dancing.
Oh, yes, it's the best feeling.

Where's the craziest party place that you've danced?
Most recently it would have been my 30th birthday,
which was last year - February 2020 and that was a great night.
And we partied like crazy and danced
right into the early hours of the following morning.
And so it was an awesome time.
One of my favorite recent memories.

That is so fantastic.
How do you nurture your superpower?
You know what I mean?

Yeah, I suppose always surrounded myself with
those who love me and who I love. I think it's all about the
people that you surround yourself with
and they you know,
my joy of life would be influenced by the people that I have around me.
If you always want to have a good life
and spend it with those that are awesome then you know,
that will always - you will always have that feeling that
okay if I get through this challenge I will move forward
and enjoy life again,
but I think always looking, I think look into the moment
as well and appreciating things that are around you like
nature that always kind of keeps me in the moment
and that brings me joy in life, anyway.
So I think as well as looking forward,
it's important to be in the moment as well - that helps me.

Joanna & Elena:
Thank you so much, Elena.
Thank you. Take care.

That's Elena Canty - A delight to speak to
and one can learn so much from
Elena's commitment and passion and joy for life.
Till the next week - where Elena will be chatting with Joanne Dawson.
Joanne Dawson is a job coach with
the Ability Programme at the Irish Wheelchair Association.
Joanne facilitates a mindfulness group
for Elena and other clients at the Irish Wheelchair Association.
So do tune in on Friday and send out any questions
that you might have for Elena.
She will be taking them on in the finale of this podcast.
Take care. Bye.